Sunday, 7 June 2009

Foods That Shrink Fibroids-How A Fibroid Diet Can Help

Many women seek out alternative ways of treating fibroids rather than opting for surgery and one way that women can help themselves is by looking at foods that shrink fibroids. Although diet on its own will not get rid of fibroids, there is no doubt that diet is an extremely important part of your overall strategy should you wish to use natural treatments.

One of the most important principles to remember is that you should stick with the components of a general healthy diet-whether you have fibroids or not. However, there are specific elements you should both include and exclude to give yourself the best chance of seeing an improvement.

The first thing you should do is ensure that you are well hydrated. Drinking plenty of water ensures that toxins are flushed out of the body and if you do not drink enough fluids, toxins will accumulate in the organs, and this is thought to be one of the various reasons why fibroids form. In addition, constipation can be a by-product of not drinking enough and this again causes the accumulation of waste products which can be reabsorbed into the body.

With regard to a fibroid diet, you should firstly ensure that you buy organic foods wherever possible. the bulk of your general diet should consist of grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts and essential oils. Meats should form a small part of your diet and you should avoid eating any processed meats, such as sausages and salami, and fatty meats.

Fresh fruits are loaded with vitamins and bioflavanoids which are excellent for the body. Rather than concentrating on which fresh fruits you eat, it is important to understand, that they are all beneficial and to thoroughly wash the exterior of fruits and eat the skins where possible. Obviously some are better for you than others as they contain concentrated nutrients, such as kiwi fruits and blueberries but on the whole, a good balance of as wide a range of fruits is the best approach.

Other foods that shrink fibroids are vegetables. As with fruits, a balanced approach is best. Nutrients are generally higher when foods are in their raw state so get into the habit of eating a salad daily, made up of a "rainbow" of colored vegetables as in general, the brighter the color, the higher the nutrients. If you cook vegetables, ensure they are just lightly cooked-steaming is an excellent way to preserve water soluble nutrients. If you do cook them in water, try to use the water in gravies or sauces.

Onions and garlic deserve a special mention. They are both excellent sources of antioxidants and help keep your female hormones in balance. You should include them wherever possible, particularly in their raw form.

Eating the correct oils is also important for a fibroid diet. Olive oil and the Omega oils contained in oily fish are particularly useful for the body. Avoid saturated fats, including butters and those in cheeses.

With regard to meats, try to stick to fish and lean white meat such as chicken, choosing organic where possible. If you do eat red meats, stick to very lean cuts from a reputable source. It is also worth trying soya burgers and vegetarian "sausages" if you enjoy these types of foods.

Other foods that shrink fibroids include beans, nuts and seeds, the most beneficial being flax, pumpkin and sunflower.

It is important to understand that on their own, foods that shrink fibroids will not be as effective when the dietary element if thought of as just one part of an overall treatment strategy for fibroids. Not only is diet important, but you will need to make lifestyle changes if you want to see significant success.

Many thousands of women worldwide have succeeded by following the 7 Step Plan for Shrinking Fibroids. This is a comprehensive system which incorporates everything you need to do to both quickly relieve the symptoms of your fibroids and to successfully eliminate them altogether by using natural methods. If you would like further extensive information about a fibroid diet, please visit Foods That Shrink Fibroids

Monday, 18 May 2009

Herbs For Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Hundreds of years ago, alternative medical practitioners in China saw the benefits of using herbs for blocked fallopian tubes to restore female fertility. Nowadays, using much more advanced techniques which taken advantage of both new and old knowledge, herbal remedies have been formulated which have had excellent success rates when used by women with blocked fallopian tubes.

There are various herbs for blocked fallopian tubes and these can be obtained individually from Biotanical Health, a trusted supplier of herbal products. Alternatively, to ensure a much higher chance of success, you may wish to consider the 7 Step Kit, which is designed to provide a complete solution.

Fallopen Herbal Tampon Mix-A carefully formuated herbal remedy designed to unblock fallopian tubes.

FalloClear-A herbal remedy specially designed to improve the performance of the herbal tampon.

7 Step Plan.

In 2005, a report described the exact treatments used by the Shenzen Municipal Hospital, where doctors were seeing an amazing success rate of over 82% by using herbs for blocked fallopian tubes together with acupuncture.

Many of the techniques described in the report have been incorporated in a 7-Step Kit which has been designed specifically to carry out the following functions:

* To break up scar tissue and adhesions
* To help stimulate blood flow, thereby increasing oxygen and nutrients to the reproductive organs
* To kill any bacteria and/or infections which can contribute to chlamydia and pelvic inflammatory disease
* To relax muscles around the reproductive organs and reduce spasms in the fallopian tubes
* To correct any imbalances in hormones, thus regulating ovulation, menstruation and assisting fertility
* To reduce stress levels and improve sex drive
* To assist with conception,even when the woman only has one tube

The 7 Steps include not only using herbs for blocked fallopian tubes, but other alternative treatments which have proved to be effective.

Step 1-The Use of Herbal Tampons and Douches

Herbal tampons are a safe way to get the benefits of herbs directly into the fallopian tubes. These have been proven to calm inflammation and loosen up scar tissue. A herbal douche can be used each morning to clear out the debris which has been loosened by the tampons and to also clear out remaining infections in the fallopian tubes.

Step 2-Herbal Supplements

Organic herbal capsules are used to boost the effectiveness of the herbal tampons and can help boost the immune system. In addition, the carefully balanced blend can balance hormones and help to increase the sex drive. These are normally taken for a month or so, but some women find it useful to continue taking them until they become pregnant.

Step 3-Fertility Massage and Accupressure

To help with unblocking the fallopian tubes, a special pelvic massage can be performed. If you decide to buy the full 7 Step Kit, there is a DVD included which gives full, yet simple instructions how to perform the massage and accupressure at home. The massage is best performed whilst wearing the herbal tampon.

Step 4-Fertility Yoga

Fertility yoga, using simple positions which open up the reproductive organs can help prepare the body for pregnancy. In addition, the reproductive organs are gently exercised, ensuring they are in prime condition for conception.

Step 5-Cleansing The Body For Fertility

Body cleansing can help remove toxins from the body ensuring that it is in optimum condition to conceive. In addition, hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are regulated when the liver is detoxed. In addition, hormones which are directly related to fertility, such as FSH and LH are rebalanced to ensure proper regulation of menstruation.

The total body cleanse includes Colon Cleansing, Liver cleansing, Kidney Cleansing and Toxin Removal. This total approach ensures that that any herbs for blocked fallopian tubes which are consumed are fully absorbed as a "cleansed" body is much more efficient.

Step 6-Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques are essential for relaxing the fallopian tubes and treating stress. Many experts believe that stress can impact negatively on women trying to conceive and can, in fact, increase the risks of miscarriage.

Step 7-Healthy Eating

Eating a good healthy diet is vital for good overall health, not only when trying to improve fertility. At least 9 portions of fruits and vegetables should be consumed along with following the general rules, such as eating low fat dairy products and lean protein. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can ensure that the body does not become acidic, as this state can make the body more vunerable to disease, yeasts and fungus.

The food based supplement in the 7 Step Plan's Ultra Nutrition Kit is designed to supply a concentrated amount of the nutrients found in superfruits and vegetables.

If you would like to see full, comprehensive details of the 7 Step Kit, then please visit Herbs For Blocked Fallopian Tubes.

Fallopen Herbal Tampon Mix